1. Triggers

When doing an acoustic to electronic conversion the trigger is one of the key elements you must have to get the accurate response that a drummer needs. There are two types of triggers: internal trigger and external triggers.

Internal triggers mount inside the drum shell. Most internal installations require lug screws to be removed and reinstalled and come in either a side mount or bridge system. The side mount put the sensor close to the edge while the bridge system puts the sensor in the center of the drum. There are other types of internal triggers and they use a drop in or pan style system most requiring no removal of hardware and the sensor is either close to the edge or center depending on the manufacturer. Most internal triggers are dual zone so you will have a head zone and rim zone.

External triggers mount on the outside of the drum most of them directly to the rim of the drum. The sensor for the external triggers that are rim mounted is located close to the edge of the drum head. The majority of the external triggers are single zone, meaning head zone only.

internaltriggermain externaltriggermain


2. Drum Heads

Drum heads are the other key element of getting a good response and feel when converting from acoustic to electronic. Mesh heads come in one, two or three ply and are available in both black and white depending on the manufacturer.



3. Electronic Drum Module

Electronic Drum Module is the source of all sounds and connectivity. Electronic Drum Modules contains hundreds of sounds and preset kits that you can customize to your liking. Some electronic drum modules allow you to import sounds using USB or storage card. Electronic Drum Modules can contain over 14 inputs for drum pads, cymbal pads and auxillary pads. The modules also have multiple outputs some of the higher end electronic drum modules have up to 8 direct outputs enabling you to run individual channels to your mixer. Most modules come with MIDI and USB connectivity allowing you to access more sounds from your computer, laptop or tablet. Electronic Drum Modules also have features like practice tools such as a metronome to help improve timing and feel, and they also allow you to record and playback your performance.



4. Electronic Cymbals

Electronic Cymbals can come in either brass, plastic, rubber or acrylic. Depending on the feel you are looking for and your budget will be the deciding factor on which electronic cymbal you need. Electronic cymbals range from single, dual or triple zone depending on type and manufacturer.