Aquarian inBOX Trigger Signal Conditioner and Booster


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FSR sensors require Power

The inBOX is a battery powered trigger signal conditioner and booster that powers the Aquarian inHEAD and onHEAD FSR sensors. The trigger signal produced by the inBOX is clean and accurate. When combined with Aquarian’s proprietary FSR trigger products, the inBOX improves triggering performance of most any drum trigger sound module.

Inputs for both the inHEAD, and the companion rimSHOT rim sensor are located on the side of the box.

An Output jack combines the inHEAD and rimSHOT trigger impulses into a combined signal that can be split and plugged into 2 separate channels of any drum trigger module. This feature allows for independent, dynamic triggering of separate sounds from the drumhead and the rim when plugged into 2 different channels of a triggered sound module.

An adjustable GAIN dial allows for quick micro-adjustments to the sensitivity and adjustable voltage requirements of the various FSR products

The inBOX mounts right on the drum, making for easy GAIN and sensitivity adjustments on the fly. A quick release mounting bracket makes for quick and easy setup.

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  • A replaceable 9-Volt battery (included) powers the inBOX.
  • Conditions and Boosts inHEAD FSR trigger signals
  • Easy connection of both inHEAD and rimSHOT
  • Easy adjustment of FSR dynamic range and response right at the drum
  • Includes quick release mounting bracket
  • For use with all Aquarian inHEAD and onHEAD FSR trigger products

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