Yamaha 100 Watt Electronic Drum Monitor System


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100-Watt Woofer

The 100w bass-reflex sub-woofer reproduces even the deepest kick drum or bass guitar sounds, letting you feel the bottom end and making your electronic kit feel more like an acoustic kit.
3-way Satellite Speakers

The 40w satellite speakers reproduce the high frequencies of your snare, cymbals or pre-recorded songs. They mount to the rack using the included SPAT-1 speaker mounts making the MS-50DR a compact unit ideal for home use when space is limited.
Stereo Mix Inputs

You can run a CD player or any other external audio source thru the mix-in so that you can play along with your favorite music at home, or play along with a sequencer for live performance.
Stereo Line Outputs

Run direct to a recording device in the studio or out to the house system in a live situation.
Simple to Use

All you have to do is plug the outputs from your drum module to the inputs in the subwoofer unit, plug the satellite speakers into the left and right speaker inputs (with the included speaker cables) adjust the amount of lows (woofer), and highs (satellites) you want, set the volume and play.

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Satellite Speakers 4″ woofer + 2″ Midrange + 1″ tweeter
Power Output 40W/4ohms (x2)
Dimensions 127(w) x 106(d) x 205(h) mm
Weight 1.5 kg (each)
Subwoofer Unit 10″ woofer / Power Output: 100W/4 ohm
Input Level Main input – 10dBm Mix Input – 10dBm
Controls Main input level, Woofer level, Hi control, Mix in level, power switch
Connections Main input jacks (L/Mono, R) speaker input jacks (L/R), Mix in jacks (L/R), Line Output jacks (L/R), Stereo Headphone jack
Power UL CSA 117V
Dimension 540(w) x 350(d) x 505(h) mm
Weights 30kg

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Additional information

Weight 54 lbs
Dimensions 35 x 23 x 17 in