The Electronic Drum Center Kit Buying Guide

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An entry level electronic drum kit is a great choice for a beginner or a drummer on a budget.

  • Cost Range: $299 to $799
  • Most Are Single Zone Pads
  • Most Include Single Zone Cymbals
  • Very Limited Features On Drum Modules
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A mid-grade level electronic drum kit is a great choice for an intermediate level drummer who is trying to take it to the next level.

  • Cost Range: $999 to $1999
  • Most Include Single & Dual Zone Pads
  • Most Include Single & Dual Zone Cymbals
  • More Features On Drum Module But Still Limited
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A High End electronic drum kit is the best of the best. These kits come with drum modules full of features. Dual Zone Pads and Dual and Triple Zone Cymbals.

  • Cost Range: $2499 +
  • Dual Zone Pads
  • Dual & Triple Zone Cymbals
  • Flagship Drum Modules
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